About me

I love food.  And everything else that surrounds food.  Conversation, relationships, places, and memories.  When I crave a particular dish and attempt to recreate it in my kitchen, I often discover a connection to a person, a time and a feeling.

I am therefore teaching myself to cook.  By cooking each day.  With recipes that are collected verbally on the phone, that are sometimes typed into Word, scribbled on post-it notes, occasionally learnt by watching over someone’s shoulder.  That could be a giant experiment to find a missing flavor and satisfy a certain desire that won’t go away.  I talk to both my mother and mother-in-law, refer to various cookbooks, find friends who make the dish well, and try to document the final recipe before it fades from memory.  Often, the project is a crushing failure and leads to frustrated questions such as, why are my rotis always hard and chewy?  The answer usually doesn’t lie in lack of cooking practice.  There will be a subtler element, like how the dough was kneaded or how hot the tava was.  I’ve frequently given up in favor of take-out food and store-bought rotis.  But something keeps beckoning me to the stove, to begin the experiment again.  As if I wouldn’t be complete without trying once more.

15 thoughts on “About me

  1. a fellow traveller

    Your web log brings back memories from my own childhood. Sunny Saturdays spent heckling with vendors, and the small triumphant smile when we snagged a deal to incessant bouts of sneezing when ma prepared tadka… Some things have such a simple and efficient way to remain a part of our lives.

    I look forward to reading more of your ‘blog.

    Much love.

  2. dad

    i really love the cauliflower and your article is making me want to eat it tonight – so i am going to ask your mum to make it tonight for dinner

  3. Gitanjali

    I have been wondering what to cook for Anya, who is such a fussy eater. I liked the idea of making pav bhaji and love your recipe. I am going to try it with Anya. I hope she likes it. Maybe she’ll eat it if I tell her that Aaggy eats it too!

  4. Preeti

    Hi Viggy pointed me to your blog. Its great – very well written – yes brings back nostalgic memories – also very inspiring – we cook very little for ourselves and a very limited range for the kids – am inspired to try new things for my son. My daughter is just too fussy and I need to be patient with her……..

    Love to the kids

  5. Geeta

    Devika, I am sitting here at work and starving. Your website makes my mouth water and reminded me of the delicious dinner we had at your place a few days back.
    Can’t wait to go home tonight and try your chilly cheese toast – so simple and easy to make, yet looks delicious……

    1. devikakumar Post author

      Geeta, looking forward to doing it again soon! Mummy laughed when I said that I’m writing about pulihara today but Andhra food is so delicious!

  6. zoe

    I am so very excited to have found your wonderful blog! i love, love, love indian food. now i have your recipes and stories to teach me some of my favourite dishes AND a wonderful indian market right here in fort lauderdale, fl (of all places!). thank you.

    1. devikakumar Post author

      I am very passionate about Indian food and would love to help guide you in any way that I can! Please let me know if you have questions about specific recipes.

  7. pursuitoffood

    Hi Devika,

    Just came across your blog through Foodbuzz. Is that your garden? How cool!! I live in NYC, so I can only dream of having one like this..ha ha! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.


    1. devikakumar Post author

      Anu, that vegetable garden is actually one that I dream of having too – it’s in Assam, at my family’s tea plantation! We were picking spinach that morning.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Rita

    Hi I am so glad I found your blog! My husband is from Calcutta too, and my in-law were here when our baby boy was born last year. Your blog reminded me so much of her cooking, and I can’t wait to try some recipes you posted!! Love, love, love your blog!



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